A Writer - Burning the Night Oil

The writer's pen has got its own power and value. It is an immortal force that can stimulate the readers at any time – even after the demise of the writer. But to achieve success in writing the writer should work hard, patiently for a long time.

Writing articles is an art. It has to be practiced more and more and made more shining and perfect. Every writer wants to present a good picture of his writing art. He should never be discouraged and stop his attempts in writing.

A writer should build up the relationships of writing circle

But the one relationship you may not pay enough attention to is your relationship with your writing. When you are who you need to be for your writing, your words will step up and be more for you.

Try and try again

Trial and error method is quite in evitable in learning the art of writing. There is no need of materials for writing.

They are always available around anyone. The only thing needed is to observe them, coordinate them and utilize them properly.

Expectations of a writer

A writer expects recognition, feedback and encouragement. Every writer looks for people to read what he writes, comments of appreciation about his writing and reward from his writing and the readers. This is a long process to be achieved. Patience and practice makes it perfect.

Draft – finished product

There are writers who prepare the draft or plan of writing in their minds and then write straightaway what they have arranged on the plate of their mind. But they are very few. Kalidasa, the famous poet, was one of such gifted poets. He was praying to goddess Saraswati, the patroness of writers, to guide him to write. It seems that the goddess touched his tongue and gave him the boon of writing. Such silver-spooned writers are rare in history.

Most of the writers have been hard workers. They wrote their drafts in hundreds and thousands of pages. The successful writers such as Charles Dickens or Jane Austen had to burn their night’s oil in writing and writing till they could be satisfied with their drafts. Perfection comes only after the hard work of a long time.

A writer should not be discouraged

A writer should expect rejection in the beginning. He should not be surprised or disappointed when the writings are rejected and returned. You know how hard the acrobats have to put their work into practice. All successful achievers, from chess players to Olympic athletes, had to dedicate thousands of hours in practicing their skills.

The writer should give what the reader expects. Most of the readers expect experience that can guide them, entertain them and educate them in their life. The writing should be convincing to the reader.

Practice makes perfect. Burning the night oil will never go a waste!


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