Procrastination is the greatest hurdle of a writer

Every writer faces the problem called procrastination. Although the writer may have plenty of ideas and talents to write, the habit of procrastination will cause a great drawback in writing. Proper planning and constant practice can overcome this hurdle and enable the writer shine in writing.

I want to write I want to say something to the world. There is some pressing sensation in my throat to tell something important to the world. But it does not cross the throat and come out. I am delayed some lethargic pressure inside me. My procrastination pulls me out of my task. I am struggling for words to put my ideas into writing.

Every writer has this hurdle of procrastination

Anthony Trollope says in his autobiography that he had known many authors whose lives had been troublesome and painful because of their tasks had never been in time.

People who have this problem of procrastination or block in carrying out the tasks think that they lack the essential characters such as willpower, commitment or discipline; but it is not true.

It is not real procrastination; rather it can be called a writer’s block.

The writer has it but misses to let it out.

What is the idea of procrastinating?

The writer’s block is not a mistake or a defect. It is lack ability to put into practice what is already there in the mind. The writer has the material already within him which has only to be exposed. The skills, the talents, the energy, the quality of vision, the commitment and so on are already there with a writer except the empowerment of exposing them. There are other forces in the writer that block him or cause his under-productivity.

Time management is the essential character of a writer

Procrastination is nothing but the deficiency in execution that occurs not on the writer’s part but by the outside forces. If the misconceptions are cleared the block also would be cleared. Proper time management is the great cause of this block. Scheduling the time and organize the thoughts significantly can remove the block easily. A writer has to plan and practice this time management to execute what he thinks to write.

Active participation can overcome procrastination

Most of the writers waste most of their time in day dreaming. Wasting time makes them miss their golden time. The writer may get get refreshment and new energy to overcome the great hurdle of procrastination by joining group activities.

Fix a goal and try to achieve it in a prescribed timescale

Although a writer may be committed, the commitment should be motivated. Fixing a timescale and trying to move towards it would help the writer to reach them and overcome procrastination.

Procrastination is the common block of a writer. He/she can overcome it by proper planning and constant effort.




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