Healthy Snacks on a Writers Desk

A writer is a prophet of the times. He/she looks ahead at the future. A writer needs to be fed with foods of thoughts. He should have some snacks to refresh him. They should be readily available on his desk.

A writer needs to be refreshed often. He/she has to keep his mind awake. Snacks are refreshing things of the body. A writer needs to be inspired by the snacks readily available on his desk.

Who is a writer?

There are two types of writers: those who make others think and those who make others wonder. Successful writers do not write what they know, but they write what they like and are inspired in their thoughts. A writer’s career or job is not an easy one as it appears.

A writer has to squeeze his mind and heart. He has to struggle with his feelings and emotions. He has to transmit himself whole heartedly onto the page of his writing. Perhaps, he may have to submit to an inhospitable world. But he has to do it.

A writer needs to lift issues with the sharpness of his pen

He has to look around. He may see things good and bad. He has to take chances. He has to get them down. Using his c conscience, he has to comment the good things. He has to tell the world why they are good. He should not leave the bad unturned. With his confidence, he can change it good. He can say why it is bad and suggest how it can be made good.

A writer needs to be refreshed

A writer has no timing in his work. He is always a writer, doing his job as a writer. He writes what is inspired in him. He needs refreshment and encouragement. He has to be inspired, encouraged and empowered. His body, mind and soul need to be nourished with food and snacks.

Snacks and studies

You might have seen mothers feeding their children with snacks and tea to be active, especially during the times of examinations. When I was a boy, my mom used to keep a cup of tea and some snacks on my study table. The snacks which are readily available give some energy to be awake. They activate the brain.

Snacks on the writer’s desk

A writer needs to be motivated. He should have certain snacks on his desk to inspire and guide him in his writing. A diary of experiences, a few notes or books, and some papers to note down the inspiring thoughts should be readily on a writer’s desk.

As a writer, be alert and refreshed. The snacks will keep you ready for the situations and to pour your thoughts in writing.



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