7 Social Networks to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Social networks can be used to drive traffic to a blog. Theses\ are the 7 most popular social networks for earning traffic.

A blog or website has no life without traffic. The most valued traffic is always from search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo but we can't rely on them only. If we have to drive traffic to our blogs, we need to diversify the sources. That's where social media networks come to play. The presence and influence of social media is rising day by day. With the help of good marketing strategy, you can drive huge amount of visitors to your blog.

Even if you are not good enough on marketing, just sharing the blog posts on social networks still will get you visitors. Here are the list of top 7 social networks you can use to drive traffic to your blog.

1) Facebook
With over a billion members, Facebook is the most popular social media out there. Thousands of photos, videos and articles are shared on Facebook daily. Those who have a large network of friends can really use it for a great effect. The users can promote their content through individual profiles, pages and groups.

2) Twitter
Twitter is a microblogging site, rather than a social network but the marketing potential on Twitter is very high. If you put attractive content, the twitteratti will promote your content automatically.

3) Google+
Google+ is not so poular as Facebook or Twitter but it has other certain values. Blog posts popular on Google+ are more likely to appear on Google search results, thereby driving organic traffic. The Google authorship also increases value of the content.
4) Pinterest
Those who have good images on their blog posts can use Pinterest very effectively. Just pin the image on Pinterest under the most appropriate category. According to latest data, Pinterest drives more traffic than Google+ or Linkedin. Entertainment and photography blogs can really benefit from Pinterest.

5) Linkedin
Linkedin is the largest professional network. I don't have a strong presence in Linkedin but those who have good connections with people in and out of their fields can utilise this social network to great effect. It should also be noted that Linkedin traffic has more value than traffic from Facebook or Twitter. Linkedin has more than 100 million users.

6) Reddit
Reddit is now the platform where people gather to know and post wierd and viral content. Making an account on Reddit is easy since they don't need even a mail. According to the merit of content, people will vote up and down and the viral content surely bring a large amount of traffic to the blog.

7) Stumbleupon
Stumbleupon is more like a bookmarking site than a social network. However, it has a reputation of bringing traffic to a blog. If the content on your blog has enough potential to attract readers, Stumbleupon will bring massive amount of traffic.

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