3 Ways To End Your Story

Here is How to End Your Story in Best Way

3 Ways To End Your Story
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There are many interesting ways to end your story. Three of the most important ones will be presented and analyzed in this article.

So you wrote a good story but don't know how to end it? You want to impress your readers but you don't know how? You want to be fair to your story till the last word but you are confused as to how this can be done? Take a deep breath. There are several ways to do it.In this article, three of the most important ones will be presented. The romantic ending, the realistic ending and the ambiguous ending. It is important to understand when each ending has to be used.

1. Romantic Ending

In this ending, everything turns out well. Superman saves the day.The girl stays with the boy.

The man marries the woman of his dreams. The tortured couple disappears in the sunset holding hands. This is an appropriate ending when your characters have suffered tremendously and when they are really good for each other. It is not a good ending when your characters have a toxic relationship.

2. Realistic Ending

In this ending, the story ends in a way that makes sense. It is a logical appeal, not an emotional appeal. The serial killer somehow pays for his crimes. The cheater somehow pays for his cheating. Friends who fell in love with the same person realize that even though they can't hate each other, they cannot repair their relationship. This is an appropriate ending when your story is about serious social issues and when being fair is what matters the most to you as a writer. It is not an appropriate ending when seeing things through rose colored glasses defines you as a writer .

3. Ambiguous Ending

In this ending, the story ends in a way that leaves the reader wondering what has really happened. It is not clear what has really happened and the reader can interpet it any way he wants. This is an ideal ending when the writer wants to focus on mystery and when he plans on writing a sequel to continue the story.

Hope this article helped you understand what ending suits your story best!

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Whatever way you finish your story, it must be appealing to the readers and make them come again and again. That should be the purpose of your story.


Your article was a good read and helpful!! The beginning and ending of any write up is crucial...to build up the interest and to end it up in a way that still holds the interest. I always give more time for writing the end. Thanks for sharing


I try writing without any training and do a so-so job. I have many other things going on that stops me from learning more about writing. This was useful information and I will try to use it for future projects. I can say that I favor the realistic ending the most.


Glad you found my article useful! It is important to learn some rules concerning creative writing, once you do, you will see it will be easier for you to express yourself and what you want to say. I have written many how to books you can find them all on Amazon if you type mary papas + books or if you click on my amazon link in my bio