7 Simple Ways to Enrich your Vocabulary

There are many ways that you can benefit from building and improving your vocabulary of English Language. You can enhance your life and career by expanding your vocabulary. Whether it is for study purpose, work, or maintaining effective social relationships, a strong vocabulary helps you immensely in that. Here are seven ways that you can improve your vocabulary.

1-That which comes in importance first is reading which helps you greatly in vocabulary building. The more you read, the stronger will be your vocabulary. The reading material may be any kind of reading that gives you benefits you desire. You can read literary works, novels, newspapers, journals, articles and magazines. In this modern day and age, the information is just a click away. You can read lots of stuffs at internet.

The reason for this is that, while reading you can not only enrich your vocabulary, but can also understand the meaning of sentences or paragraphs as a whole. In this way, being able to get to the gist allows you to read more speedily and efficiently

2-Learning a word a day can be a great way. If considered, at the minimum, it will help you learn many words providing you do it constantly. At your convenience or to make this habit little better, you may also do this thing that you can learn other forms of that particular word you have just learned. This way will have given you more benefits by letting you learn a word as well as its different forms. This practice will not only enable you to use that particular word properly, but will also help you make use of a word in different contexts.

3-Engaging in conversation is yet another great way to help you in enriching your vocabulary. You can gain lots of new words by listening to or hearing from your relatives, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. In addition, watching English news bulletin regularly can be of much help and assistance in expanding your vocabulary. Thus, the more words you know, the more you will be able to understand what you hear and read.

4-Maintaining a vocabulary journal is one of the best strategies to provide you desired benefits. Here, it is appropriate to mention that the way you maintain your vocabulary journal has a lot to do with your objective. It should be organized in such a way as to find particular word with meaning and explanation should be at hand. Writing the words with meanings alphabetically would be of great help and assistance.

5-Keeping a dictionary, thesaurus or encyclopedia handy leads you to gain good amount of words with their meanings every day. In this way, leveraging technology is one of the best things to do. You can either use your computer or mobile phone by downloading dictionary or thesaurus.

6-One of the best and fastest ways of enriching your vocabulary is to learn the root words. Such as, ambi (both) is the root of the word ambiguity, art (skill) is the root of artistic and auto (self) is the root word of automatic. It’s worth mentioning that this way of learning will save your time and efforts to a greater extent.

7- There are innumerable games available at the internet that can aid you greatly in the process of your vocabulary building. This, in addition to improving your vocabulary, will let you have fun in finding many new words faster.

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