How to write compelling fictional characters

Write fictional characters that your readers will fall in love with

How  to write  compelling  fictional   characters
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Writing tips that can help writers create and develop the most interesting fictional characters.

Writing  compelling fictional characters ensures that readers will keep reading your story till the last page and will come  back asking for more. But here pops the question. How can you write compelling fictional characters?       

1) Find what the character wants  

Find what  the  character  wants   to accomplish in his  life. What  his  goals  are. If  it is more  than one thing,  make  a   list , starting from  the  most  important goal  and  ending  with  the  least   important  one.   

2)  Find what your character needs  

What  your  fictional  character  needs  is  what gives  your   fictional  character  peace, what helps him sleep  at night   without  nightmares.  It  is  usually  just  one thing,  or  two.  But  you  have to dig  really  deep  to  find  it.

3) When desires and needs collide

What   your   fictional  character  wants  can  be  very  different  from  what  your   fictional  character  needs and that  can cause  a lot  of  problems  (which  is what  you  want). For  example,  your  character  may  want to  be a succesful, rich   businessman  no  matter what,  but  he  may  need a partner who  will stick  with  him  through  thick and  thin.  How  long  can your  character  keep a  loyal  partner  if climbing  to the  top  is  his  primary  focus?  Eventually, he  will have  to  make a choice and depending  on  the  choice, there  will  a   difference  price  to  pay. 

4) Find your character's scars  

Find  what  has  caused  your  fictional character pain.

What haunts  him  every  minute  of every  day,  what  makes  him  stay up  all night, what  his nighmares  are  all  about.  As a writer  you  need  to  know what your  character's  trauma  is,  as this  can  explain  (not  justify)  your  character's behavior and make  him  sympathetic  to  your readers .Be  careful  not  to use  your  character's heartbreak to manipulate  readers though; you  are just  the narrator  of  the  story,  the  readers  will  decide if  the  character is worth rooting  for  or not.   

Hopefully the above writing tips will help you create and develop compelling characters. Good luck! 

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