When a Scoop of Writing Screws a Writer’s Brain

When a writes gets a spark for his writing, he cannot remain idle. It screws him until it is put into black and white. Ideas for creativity can be found anywhere. Most of the ideas are found in the innermost level of a person.

A writer cannot sit idle. Everything that he comes across in his life screws his brain to jump into action. The memories of his past trauma that flash in the mind of a writer occasionally, the significant life incidents that fall on the way of his experience, or even an empty-nest syndrome that he may have to face, compel him to put down his experiences eloquently into words so that he can share his stories with the whole world.

The experiences he gets in his life as a writer serve as sparks of great fires. They may be dormant for a long time. But when they are flashed they ignite him with a great force to write it, decorating them with his creativity and skills.

Creativity the fuel for writing

Creativity is the fuel for a writer’s words. The spark the writer gets from his life situations ignites and burns him to enlighten his writing.

Creativity transforms the ordinary words into words that hook the reader. It touches the heart of the reader, moves the mind whenever the reader comes across those words and elevates the emotions to empower the reader.

Creativity is the screw that scoops a writer as well as a reader

The writer is forced by the creativity of the writer displayed in writing and the reader is compelled to read more of the writer’s works, immersed in the enlightenment and warmth of the his creativity. Creativity creates more and more possibilities of writing. The writer has to choose the rays of enlightenment that can illuminate his writing more. Writer’s creativity provides the power to direct the writing in whichever direction he wants to proceed.

Where are the seeds of creativity?

The seeds of creativity can be found anywhere. They are in oneself – in the innermost of every being. The writer who probes deep can find them. He can sow these seeds in writings. It can be elaborated with experiences and other ideas that could be collected from every side. They can be displayed in writing as a personal narration or in an unconcerned manner. If you are a writer or want to become a writer, just go deep within yourself and see what germinates there. You will definitely find the seeds of creativity there.

Many feel that writing is too hard to be cathartic. But in reality, it is a pleasant experience an experience that can illuminate and empower everyone.

When a scoop of idea screws your brain, get into action and put your raw emotions into indelible memories.


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