What Can A Crow Inspire You to Write?

The spring is the season of bird migration. In the recent decades, crows and ravens are adapting their lives in urban. They can teach you many secrets of life.

Do you like crows or ravens? You may not. Most of the people in the world do not like them. In India, people have many superstitions and prejudices about crows. Their color, their cunning look and their rattling sound when they cry with a caw may not be liked by all.

In India, there is a superstition that if the crow visits your house in the morning and crows, it is a bad omen that a death message will come soon. Crows are associated with death and ill luck. It is a ritual in India, to feed a crow, on the remembrance day of the departed.

On the fasting days, the Hindus would feed a crow first and then only they would eat their dinner. You can see people calling with a crowing sound and inviting the crow with balls of food in a plate or leave.

Crows are coming

The spring has come with the returning birds and sprouting leaves. Although birds are everywhere you cannot find them everywhere in every season. Nature puts a sheet of blanket in winter in cold countries from where most of the birds fly to warmer places. When the spring and summer comes whey return or migrate back to these cold places.

It is quite interesting to watch the flying crows and ravens and visit your yards. They are wonderful birds. It is interesting to read in the Book of Genesis describing the story of a raven, the closest relative of a crow, which Noah had sent out of the ark to find out if the earth is ready for normal life.

Have you ever wondered at the adapting life of the crows or ravens? Decades ago, crows can be seen everywhere. But today they are seen more in the urban areas than the rural. Modern man is changing his lifestyle into more urban than his rural life of the past. Have the crows also become more urban? Nowadays, you can find crows more in the urban areas than the rural.

Three reasons are given for this migration or shifting of the residence of crows to the urban

!) The crows are more social than other birds. They live in groups where people live in a thick population. They adapt their lives according to the changes in lifestyle. Studies show that crows and raven have been moving into cities in recent decades. Does it prove that the crows can adapt to the city life where they can find more food than the rural areas?

2) Crows have a sense of sharing. They call other birds of their species and share whatever they get to eat.

3) Modern crows need not fear today because they are not shot down or threatened as they were done in olden days.

There are many things that you can learn from the crows and ravens. They adapt their lifestyle according to their needs.

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