Potential of a Writer Potential: Three Sources of Light

Writers are of three types. Some are born writers; some achieve such great talents by hard work. And there are some who have to be encouraged in every way.

There is a Sanskrit saying which means that you get fire or light from grass, wood stick or gem, in different ways. You do not get light or fire from all them in the same manner. So also writers have different types for talents to express their ideas and make their writings enlighten the world. All writers do not write the same thing or think in the same way. Individuality is the primary character of human beings.

How so we get light or fire? It may be interesting to know how people of the ancient world managed to get light when then needed it. They did not have electric lights which emit light as soon as a switch is pressed to on.

In the early times people made fire from the friction by churning a stick in another stick. Perhaps, you might have seen this “making fire” in some documentary movies. Some wooden pieces create fire sparks very easily.

Here are three things that cause fire. These three substances produce light in different ways. The wooden sticks have fire latent in them. Only a friction can create spark and provide you light. When two pieces of sticks are churned you get sparks of fire. Here the potential of light is latent in the wooden sticks. You need an effort of activating it by a friction.

There are writers who have the writing skill latent in them and they need some external force to prompt their potential. Just an encouraging word or guidance can activate their talents.

But you cannot do that trick with the grass. If you want light from the dry grass, you have to light it with a fire already lit. You cannot church the grass and get fire or light. You need to use a match stick or some other source to burn the grass and produce light.

Just like a grass that needs external sources of light; some writers need external sources to bring out their talents. Such writers need a lot of pressure from outside.

Here are Gems which have a shining light readily seen outside. No need of any churning or lighting from outside. It has its own radiation that sparks without any incentive. So also there are writers who are born with Saraswathi their tongue and can write about anything easily.

Writers are of the three types shown above. There are some natural writers who are born with a writing pen in their hand. There are some who bring out their talents by hard work. There are also others who need all kinds of support.


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