The Trait and Task of a Writer

Writing is a great vocation. The writer rules the world with his/her pen or any means of writing. A writer should share what echoes in his/her inner heart, though it may not be an easy job.

A writer is a dreamer. A dream takes shape into words. The words are poured out in writing. The writer is satisfied or quenched of his/her thirst when the writing takes a shape of his/her expectation. The writing becomes a new creation.

Writing is a great vocation

The life of a writer is a special vocation. Unless God plans and inspires, nobody can write.

It is God who says, just as He said to the Prophet Habakkuk, “Write down the vision. Make it plain upon tablets”. It is He who inspires a writer with vision and words, i the writer works along with the thoughts of God.

The writer hear the voice in his/her heart and shares it with the world.

How can a writer hear the voice of God and get inspired?

Inspiration comes from everywhere. It comes from the universal beauty or movement. Every leaf that shoots on a plant, every flower that buds and flowers, every bird that flutters its wings over your head, every sound that creeps into your ears as the music of God… everything can be an inspiration. Just as Martin Luther King Jr., one of the greatest humanitarians of the century, said, “God writes his gospel not in the scriptures alone, but on trees and flowers, and clouds and stars,” we can read the divine Gospel of Nature everywhere and get inspired, provided we have the patience and desire to have it.

If you really want to hear the voice of God, you should go to your inner room, into the silent mode. Castaway the clattering noise of your troublesome cares and put aside your wearisome distractions that pull you back from entering into your inner room. There, in the secret chamber of your heart, you can hear the divine voice.

An inspiration may come from the newspapers that flash in your eyes, the gossips that you may hear around you, or incidents that occur in your day-to-day life. In addition to observing the nature, read a lot to get inspirations. Observe more and digest the ideas in your heart.

The writer should share

It is the primary duty or task of the writer to share the inspirations with the persons for whom they are meant. Put the inspirations in a beautiful array of words. Arrange them attractively. Add some spicy quotations that may make it more tasty. Display them on a beautiful plate in a fascinating way.

Writer’s job is not an easy one as many people think. It is an inspiration, out of perspiration and desperation!

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