Do I Have the Five Traits of a Freelancer?

Writing is an art which can be developed by practice. Here are five characteristics or traits of a writer. This article is a self-analyzing article, treating if what I write on can meet the expectations of the site.

Writing is a great blessing. It is the interaction of minds between the writer and the readers, whoever may come into contact with his/her writing. The saying that means the pen of the writer is mightier than the sword of a solider is not an exaggeration.

Writers put their thoughts into writing and construct monuments of words. Freelancers are architects of words. They play with words that entertain and encourage their readers.

Writing is not an easy job, although it is an inner fire to burn certain particular thoughts that flash in the minds. It may not be enjoyable all the time since there are many occasions when you have to perspire as nothing may inspire.

You may have the push to write, but may have to struggle for words to depict the idea that flashed in your mind. Sometimes the words that you choose may not make the sense what you mean in your inner heart.

Every profession or carrier has certain traits and characteristics. There are certain traits that the editors and publishers may expect from a freelancer. has taken a new avatar with more rigid norms that may strengthen the site and protect it from the falls which several online writing websites are facing today.

Here are the five traits that are expected from a freelancer.

1) A disciplined mind

Discipline is the secret of every success. The writer feeds the world with the ideas of that are born of his wisdom. He should be able to share what is good for others, resist what is harmful to the society and well disciplined in his writings and behavior. If the writer spews poisonous and violent ideas what will be result?

2) Ready to face risks

A freelancer should be responsible and ready to take up risks. Sometimes you may not be able to find the results or remuneration of your expectation. Sometimes your writings may not have any feedback which may put out the fire of writing spirit.

3) Sharpen your skills

The writing skill has to be updated every now and then. As fashions change, so too change the tastes and demands of the readers. Hunger for knowledge is increasing every day. The basic human hunger for the unseen is the trump card of a prolific writer.

4) Always a learner 

A writer in general is a perennial learner. You have to be aware of the matter that you write about. If you are dry about the subject you are writing, how can you convince the reader with your writings? Integrity and justification should be the key of your writing. You should be able to display both positive and negative sides of what you write.

5) Maintaining quality

Readers expect something by reading your article. If there is no stuff that can entertain the reader what is the use of your writing? Quality and presentation serve as the bait of your writing.

Freelancing is one of the branches of writing. A freelancer is a free bird who can fly over everywhere and share the experiences.

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