Tips to Make Yourself a Better Writer

A Blogger needs to be a good writer to find some success. I have explained some tips here to improve writing of bloggers.

Content creation is one the most basic things in the building of a blog. In order to create compelling content, a blogger must be a good writer as well. It doesn't mean that one should be very much proficient in English but a basic grip on the language is necessary. However, with a number of simple steps and tricks, you can polish your writing. It will not only help you in blogging, but other areas where you need to showcase your writing skills as well. Here are some tips to better your writing.

Less is Better

Most people who search internet for information tend to just skim over the content.

They want to understand the matter as quickly as possible, without wasting any time. So, you need to express your ideas in as less words as possible. If you can write a good article in 500 words about a subject, you don't need to go beyond that. Keep it simple. But in anyway, it doesn't mean you can't be descriptive either. Some subjects demand detailing and it must be done that way.

Plan Before You Write

It is better to have a basic plan before you sit to write an article. Making a draft or listing important points you are trying to express is a good thing. It will help you to organise your article better, making it more refined. It will also give you an idea of how much is necessary. Some are fond of mindmapping. It is a brilliant way to write better.

Proofread Multiple times

Proofreading is a necessary step in any sort of writing endeavour, be it a blog post, an official letter or a story. No matter how much care you give when you are writing, mistakes will crawl into your content. It might be in spelling, grammer or anything. Hence, reading the content you have just finished is necessary, preferably multiple times. It will help in not only correcting mistakes but also embellishing your article in various ways. Some times, you may think your content is little long, and you can trim it. Or you will find that you have missed some points and can add it.

Develop a style

Some writers are identified with a style of writing. For example, in literature, if Ernest Hemingway is known for his usage of short sentences and commonly used words, James Joyce is famous for his impossibly long sentences and such. Even if you are writing a simple blog, forming a style of your own will help you to connect with your readers more easily. It is not a necessery thing by any means, but an employable one.

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