The importance of English Tenses

English tenses are tools to help speakers to express time in the language. They are of great use and importance in both ways of communication, verbal and Written. Let’s take a look at how they are helpful in our business communication.

There is no denying the fact that the English language has become the dominant language around the world. Since it is also important as a global language of business, it is necessary to develop the effective communication skills of English language.

Effective communication skills of English language are necessary for the people of all professions. The concept of English verb tenses is very important in establishing effective communication. Hence, if you want to maintain both ways of communication better, that is, speaking and writing. You need to gain mastery over English tenses, because a command of twelve basic tenses of English language will aid you immensely in gaining effective communication skills.

The term, tense, has been derived from the Latin word “tempus” meaning time. Since there are many ways in which we express the time of action, we use tenses.

There are three main tenses, past tense, present tense and the future tense. It is important to note that each of these tenses has four forms, they are: Simple, progressive or continuous, perfect and perfect progressive or perfect continuous.

As stated above there are three tenses, past tenses, present tense and the future. But the ways in which these three tenses are used with the forms of verbs, such as, present form, past form, past participle and ing-form, are different. It is therefore important to understand well how to use these tenses with the forms of verbs.

It must be borne in mind that in a given situation or in accordance with the time, one should use an appropriate tense so as to maintain effective communication. In this way, it is necessary to determine various aspects in terms of English verbs, such as, the state of being, continuing action or action completed. In doing so, you need to know how to conjugate verbs properly by focusing on the structures of tenses and modal tenses, so that you can create clear and effective sentences.

On the hand the correct use of tenses helps you speak with people clearly and effectively, it enables you to raise the level of readability of your business writings on the other by allowing your readers to comprehend accurately what you have written using English tenses.

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