Read a lot to feed your Writing

Writing is a spark of inspiration. It can be inspired by the reading habit. A writer is inspired by the stimulation he/she gets from his reading and thinking. The spark of inspiration is stimulated into a fire through his/her writing.

Writing is a passion. It is a fire. It wants to devour knowledge and produce more light. It is the torch of a writer. A writer has to read a lot to feed his/her writing. A good reader wants to share what has been learnt.

Reading habit shapes a mind to express new ideas from the mind. Most of the successful writers are voracious readers.

Reading helps writing

Reading a good book not only enriches your knowledge but also can increases your joy. Your imagination and creativity is developed to depict your own pictures in writing.

Thiruvalluvar, an ancient saintly poet of South India, says in his immortal work “Thirukkural” that writing and reading is like a well. The well gets water from different sources under the earth, mainly from the rain. The springs are found in sand and when you dig deep you get water from a spring. The deeper you dig you get more water. Like that reading more and more books enrich your knowledge and enable you to share your knowledge.

The spark for this writing

I share my own personal experience that inspired me with the spark of reading. I know a teenage girl who has collected more than 1600 books just this summer to promote the reading habit. She wants to read as many books as possible and share her experience in writing. She has been an avid reader since she was a Kindergartener and has been collecting books. Today, she collects books to inculcate and encourage in children the taste for reading. Writing is her aim of life.

In beginning of this summer, she distributed a flier and posted information on her parents’ Facebook pages asking for used or new children’s books. The result was really amazing. She could collect more than 1600 books from the public who came forward to encourage this little girl in her effort to make children read and write.

A writer’s asset is reading – my experience

Reading shapes my thinking and writing sharpens it. I learn from reading what the readers want and I write materials useful to their needs. They need knowledge, entertainment, and applicable tips for their life. I believe that over time, my writing would become in some ways a compilation of all the things I had already learned, blended together in a new shape of my own unique recipe.

Writing is not a mere hobby; it is a life.


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