How to Choose Effective Keywords for Articles

To get readers to your articles online, you need to find keywords or keyword phrases that readers are searching for. If these keywords or keyword phrases are found in your articles, chances are your articles will appear in Google's search results page and you'll get readers to your articles. Here's how you can find effective keywords for your articles.

Using effective keywords is necessary so as to give your articles the views that you need to earn the revenue from page views. A keyword is only effective if it can rank well with search engines like Google and Yahoo.

How important is it to be in the number one position on Google?

If your article is on the first page in the number one position on Google, how much traffic do you think you'll get to your article? Massive, I'm sure - if your keyword is one that people are searching for.

To illustrate this point, let me use the keyword "insurance" as an example. If you go to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, you'll find that the keyword "insurance" has been searched for 151 million times monthly.

It is only logical to assume that the website in position number one on Google first page will get this amount of traffic. How much do you think the owner of this website makes? Unimaginable.

How to be on Google’s first page

You too want to be on Google's first page and be in position number one. To be able to do this, you have to choose a keyword or rather a keyword phrase with virtually no competition. So, you came up with : "How long does it take for me to burn if I stay under the sun?"

You would definitely have no competition for this keyword phrase but you would also have very little people searching for the keyword phrase which will make this keyword phrase practically useless and ineffective.

Between competition and popularity

Using a keyword or keyword phrase with a large amount of search which means that the keyword or keyword phrase has high popularity would mean substantial hits to your articles, but if you have to compete with thousands, even millions of websites, would render the keyword ineffective in getting traffic to your article.

However, to use a keyword or keyword phrase with very little or no competition at all would also mean no one would be searching for the keyword or keyword phrase which would also make the keyword or keyword phrase ineffective, as no one would go to your article even when you can be on Google's first page at position number one.

Balancing between competition and popularity 

What is the best solution? The best solution is to choose a keyword or keyword phrase in the middle road which means that there will be enough searches for them but not too stiff a competition that you can't even get to Google's first page.

I hope you see that to choose effective keywords for your articles, you need to find one with a substantial search with little to moderate competition.


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