Best Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Without Backlinks

Backlinks are necessary for the growth of a blog. But we can also generate traffic without backlinks. The ways are explained below.

In traffic generation to a blog, links have a major role. But getting links also heavily depends on one's socialising skills, especially in the modern world. It is where we have to think about the alternative ways to generate traffic. We can counter the disadvantage of the lack of links with employing other strategies. So what are the other ways to generate traffic? Employing any and all of the methods below, you can still earn traffic to your blog.

1) Writing Quality and Unique Content

It has become almost cliched, but I want to reiterate it, 'Content is the King'. Whatever search engine optimisation skills you have, your blog will soon see its end if you don't have quality content.

In-depth articles are greatly endorsed by Google (every search engine for that matter) in their search results. According to a survey by Moz, in-depth contents make up 6% of the search results. It's not a big number but does the work. If you have something unique and valuable to offer, netizens will find you.

2) Offline Networking

You all know the importance of Social Networking in the blogosphere but about offline promotion. Every relationship outside the world of web matters. You may happen to find a person sharing interests with you ouside the web world as well. It's better to strengthen those connections well as it may lead to a strong online presence as well.

3) Improving User Satisfaction and Site Speed

No matter how well you have written your article, if it is presented in a bad way, you are going to lose your visitors. Readers don't like to spend time in a badly designed website or one that needs more than enough time to load. Your site must be navigable, and as a rule of thumb, your particular content must be in the reach of three clicks from homepage. Also avoid anything on the page that makes the site loading slower.

4) Images and Videos

You know a picture is like thousand words. Right image for a blog post can increase 50% traffic. People always like to watch than read. That's why cinema is a much larger business than literature. A video post can more than double the traffic to your blog. And it need only the help of a simple video camera.

5) Regular Updation

Do you know why search engines love blogs more than static websites? It is because the blogs get upadted often. Search engines give prominence to a blog or site that produce fresh content regularly. It also increases the chance of getting traffic to the blog. More the quality content, more the traffic; it is a simple theory. So update your blog regularly, at least a couple of times in a week.

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