4 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Write

Are you struggling with writer's block? This article suggests 4 ways on how you can motivate yourself to write.

Most writers experience writer’s block at some point in their lives. It’s a normal occurrence brought about by fatigue, lack of push, or burnout. Despite the looming deadlines, we find ourselves escaping and procrastinating, and wishing that we were somewhere else or doing something more leisurely.

However normal writer’s block is, you shouldn’t cradle it for a long time. In fact, every time you see it coming, you will have to think of ways to keep yourself going. Here are some ways to motivate yourself to write:

1 – Review your business plan. As a professional writer, you must have an annual business plan that you try to follow in order to meet your career and financial goals.

Go over it once more to help you reassess your goals and to remember that you started out with a plan and will have to stick with that plan.

2 – Look at your short-term goals. Do you need to pay an overdue bill? Or perhaps save for a week-long vacation? Looking at your immediate goals can help awaken your sense of urgency and keep you going. Remember that writers’ earnings are commensurate to the amount of work they put in. The more articles you write, the higher your earnings will be.

3 – Make a list of articles you can write in a snap. Writing about topics that are too technical or practically new to us can be quite taxing. Write down topics which you can easily write about. For example, write an essay or an anecdote about summer vacations when you were a child. You can also try whipping up an article about a skill or knowledge you’re good at, or simply share an experience regarding your hobby or interest. A common advice to beginning writers is, “Write what you know.” It rings true for anyone and it works. If you feel that you are stumped, try writing from life or from what you have in your heart. Once we begin to feel good about what we’re writing about, we can easily move on to other projects.

4 – Take pictures. Lots of pictures. When words have become a burden and you simply cannot spend another day typing words and crafting sentences, go for a time out. Get out of your office, bring a camera (or use your phone’s camera), take pictures of anything you find interesting. Sit on a bench and look at how birds peck on their food, how the leaves dance with the wind, and how beautiful the world outside is. Sometimes all we need is a breather. When we go out and commune with the world, we are able to connect with the universe and be whole again.

Writers have other special ways to combat writer’s block and keep themselves motivated to write. Some process their thoughts and feelings on a paper journal, while some simply choose to do things other than writing. Whatever trick you choose, I hope it helps you to keep writing and publishing.  

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