5 Overlooked Strategies to Attract Readers for your Blog

5 strategies to grow traffic for your blog, those are often overlooked in favour of others, are explained below.

You will find hundreds of tips on internet to find readers for your blog. There are basic strategies like creating quality content, doing SEO and link building. There are also other strategies which many of the bloggers put less emphasis on but equally useful in finding readers. I have tried to explain about a few of them here.

Link to Other Blogs

Getting links is a major factor of the growth of a blog. But what about linking to other ones? There are a number of benefits with linking to other blogs. Firstly, it will introduce your readers to another valuable content.

So they will know that you are genuinely interested in helping them. Another benefit is that some of the bloggers might link back to you. It will help the growth of your blog and rise in your credibility.

But you should be careful while linking to thers. Link to only blogs that have content which is valuable and related to your topic.

Give Feedback on Other Blogs

People love getting feedback. You should leave a comment when you have read an appealing article. The chances are high that the blogger will visit your blog as well. It naturally develops a connection and when others read your comment which have something important, they will also visit your blog. Keep in mind that your comment should be interesting. Don't comment for the sake of it.

Participate in Web Forums

A web forum is a fine way to attract some readers. Don't hesitate to participate in a forum discussion related to your topic when you come across one. You should take part in it if you feel you have something to add to it. Just like my point above, your point must be appealing and inviting to the readers. Don't forget to leave your blog adress as a signature.

Advertise Offline and Online

If you are able to spend a little money on the onset of a blog, advertising is a good idea. For online advertising, you can use Google Adwords or BlogAds. Advertising in other popular blogs will certainly bring you traffic and be a boost in the beginning. Offline advertising is good too. You might know people interested in the topic you blog about and should introduce your blog to them.

Interact with Your Readers

This is a point many bloggers take for granted. Don't ever stay away from responding to your readers. The feedbacks you get will have both praise and criticism. Take them in their stride and give equal importance to both. Thank to both the groups. There will also be some readers with doubts and in need of explanations. Satisfy them and you will see your network growing as well as your traffic.

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