Article Writing: Several Things To Keep In Mind

Paragraph Coherence

Paragraph writing should be mastered by writers and relating one to the next paragraph should be so smooth that the idea in the first paragraph is nicely flown into the next.

In each paragraph, there should be a topic sentence, in which the main idea is contained. The rest of sentences in the paragraph simply explain or support what is stated in the topic sentence. If your topic sentence is “The beach is very beautiful,” supporting sentences explain why the beach is beautiful. You may write for example, the beach has a white sandy beach with beautiful coconut trees along it, and so on. Keep in mind that there is only one main idea in a paragraph.

 The above mentioned paragraph is what I still remember when my teacher of English introduced a writing lesson in English. I think this also applies in all languages as far as paragraph writing is concerned.

Thank God I still have a good memory to remember the lesson.

The next thing, which is perhaps difficult for writers, is to keep coherence between paragraphs. “Before you jump into the next paragraph, the sentence should in a way be introducing what is presented in the next paragraph,” the teacher said. As a writer, I admit I sometimes still fail to maintain this coherence. However, I am sure that the more we write, the better our writing skill will be.

One more thing I still remember and I believe you know it, too is that writers should always remember to have more or less the same number of sentences in all paragraphs. For instance, if you have 5 sentences in the first paragraph, you should have 4 or 5 sentences in the second one. Keep this consistent with the rest of paragraphs. I realize it is not always easy to follow this rule. “Don’t despair if you find it difficult to write this way. Keep writing as many articles as you can. I am sure you all will be used to it and find it easy,” she advised.

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